Fitness First Intranet

I was asked to re-create the Intranet for Fitness First, bringing the outdated intranet up to date, and up to date with the new brand. I meticulously updated the code to streamline the site, while keeping the functionality of the intranet.

Fitness First Intranet from Mark Slight on Vimeo.

Cobham E-Card 2011

I was asked to create an E-Card for Cobham. The brief was to have a robot look for a present in the snow and then find it revealing the greeting.

Two of us worked on this project over 1 week; Ricardo Cook Martins and myself. This included rendering and redesigns.

Cobham e-card 2011 from Mark Slight on Vimeo.

Exquisite Tenderness Site

I developed this site from concept to completion, other than the cover art from the book and sketches in the gallery, all the graphic work and animation was my own creation.

The site was completed in 1 week.