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Technical Reel 2010

tech reel from Mark Slight on Vimeo . This reel showcases the more technical problems i have had to over come to achive some of my animations.


I created a few animations for a sideshow for DHL, used at a recent meeting of theirs. This was the most technical of them to achieve. Due to the lack of processing power of my computer, I had to use Mental ray proxy objects for the vans and people; this meant that there wasn't a single rig in the scene and the animation was taken from pre processed files. This animation was a graphic to represent the growth & scalability of the company, and is the one I'm most proud of. DHL scale slide from Mark Slight on Vimeo .

Lip Sync Test

The 2 shots in this test, comprise the opening 2 shots of my latest animation; which is work in progress. Lip Sync Test from Mark Slight on Vimeo .

Reel October 201

This is the latest version of my reel. Reel Oct 2010 from Mark Slight on Vimeo .

Freewall project proposal

This image was created as part of a project proposal for Freewall. Freewall specialise in functional office partitions made up of interchangeable sections. The image is based on an image from their catalogue, and was created from modelling to rendering in 5 hours. This was only supposed to be a taster, a supplement, to go with the written proposal. My Proposal The original

Dark Side of Dark Ages

This short, I created in my second year of the 3d CGI Animation and Modelling Bsc course at Bournemouth and Poole College. I used 3D Studio Max, VUE5 Infinite and Terragen for the 3D elements with the composition done in Combustion. Dark Side of Dark Ages from Mark Slight on Vimeo .

Bens World

This is the animation portion of my 4th year project at Bournemouth and Poole College's 3D CGI Modelling and Animation BSC course. For the greater part of the year I created a plug-in to render a camera accurate vignetting effect. In the final month I created this from concept to end. Bens World from Mark Slight on Vimeo .

Camera Mapping- Fish Breakdown

This was an exercise in camera mapping. The cliff and sand were painted in oil paint, with the geometry created and mapped in 3D Studio Max. The Fish and Crab in this animation were produced for a DVD menu animation, I wanted to do a bit more with them, so I thought I'd create an environment for them. I am really pleased with how well the water and caustics fit with painted environment. Fish Breakdown from Mark Slight on Vimeo .

The Mill

This is a still for an architectural piece I did of a watermill in Dorset. I am pleased wit the water effects in this, for the most-part, it was achived with animated alpha maps.

Reel 2010

This is my current reel, I will be replacing it with another one soon with some slightly newer work. Mark Slight Reel 2010 from Mark Slight on Vimeo .